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How sleeping pods can increase your work efficiency?

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Sleeping pods

Take pressure off the heart and troubled mind is the productivity mantra for everyone. Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein knew that and our very own Google too knows the importance of these partial hide-outs. Perhaps the corporate giant believed in what Harvard researcher Sara C. Mednick had to say of workplace napping in her book, Take a Nap! Change your life! A chance to have a few Zzzz’s goes pretty well in between flights too. The Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world’s largest airport, has opened five minute suites to allow passengers have a refreshing nap before they board their next flight.

HR managers believe that workers, who take a short day nap after lunch, do not startle their colleagues with a thud as their heads do not keep hitting the desk. Therefore, workstations nowadays are often equipped with some cool sleeping pods. Thus, they say, no need to go home or find a bed if you work at Google, the company has sleep pods. It’s not like Google’s 20 percent project still they say it’s got potential to do much good to the company in terms of increasing memory and worker productivity. Even NASA supports it with its Zero Gravity Napping pods.

Manufacturers have grasped the need for creature comfort like a catnap or power nap pretty well. Some very cool sleeping pods are there in the marketplace. el Zulo ergonomic pod, Metronaps Energypod, the nature-inspired Lomme, the Napshell, Ovei Pod by designer Lee McCormack, the Bubble of Silence, Transport sleeping pods and Armchair Paradise are just some of them. All of them allow the users to isolate themselves from their environment during or after a tough day at work with lights, music and a relaxing posture.

Frank Ehners’ el ZULO sleeping pods allow the user to sit on the counter and lean forward to fall on an upright support. This allows a half sleep, making people attentive to the buzzing of the boss and get working instantly. They realized that going flat on bed is not of much help as it takes time to emerge from the nap and spring to action.

Metronaps EnergyPods give you a feel of room inside a room. This cocoon-like sleep pod is a virtual heaven for people wearing of work pressure. These look very over-the-top with their futuristic design but they also look very comfortable. One could recline inside a closed privacy shield. Quite a nice idea! With just a bit of music, it becomes just the perfect one.

Two years’ research and cutting edge technology makes Lomme. They call it Light Over Matter Mind Evolution (Lomme). Various facets of sleep have been taken care of in this ultimate product. Designer Günther Thöny has given the bed provided in this pod the look of an eggshell. It invites an exhausted employee to get his creative juices flowing again after his day out. Form and function of Lomme are just unbeatable. Reclining in it really feels good. It does not allow sleepiness on the job interfere with the volume of work a worker handles normally.

Napshell helps the day-nappers with a comfortable mattress. This mattress can be used by people of all body types or height. It comes with visual and acoustic effects within the capsule. That helps achieving a state of relaxation quite fast. Time being short, that is an added advantage for the nap-seeker. Add-on provided with it is also quite good. They include Dolby-Surround system helps the worker slip gently into a nap and those soft LED lights make the nap more cherishable. Its doors are sound proof and the ventilation has been taken good care of.

So, next time your work starts telling on your basics, you know how to have the best break.

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