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Every Cinderella needs her glass slippers, right? While planning your sexy wedding shoes, you may well feel like you are living in a fairy tale, and all you need is the perfect shoes to really make you feel like a princess, if only for a day. These are some great tips on how to find the perfect shoes for your wedding.Your wedding shoes have a very big job to do. They need to look great, feel great, match your gown, and be suitable for your wedding location.

That is a lot to ask from one pair of shoes, which is why finding the right shoes for a bride can be a pretty big challenge at times. If you know what to look for in footwear, however, it can make shopping for your shoes much more manageable.Of course your bridal shoes need to look fabulous, but above all, they must be very comfortable. Imagine how miserable you would be if the pain of tight footwear made it hard to dance at your own wedding reception? Definitely not worth it, even for a pair of Manolo Blahniks found at a clearance sale! That is not to say that you should wear a pair of white Crocs for your wedding (in fact, please don’t!); there are shoes that look good and feel good.
Start with a low heel. Even if you love stilettos, you know in your heart that they are not as comfortable as a lower heel height. Remember that your gown will come down to your feet anyway, so it is not like you are giving up the long, sexy legline created by towering heels. Wider heels are also more wearable than spike heels, and a must for any outdoor wedding.
If you do not care for the style of shorter or thicker heels for your outdoor ceremony, consider a very chic strappy flat sandal instead. Choose one in a metallic or one which is embellished with crystals (so fabulous with crystal bridal jewelry!) and it will be every bit as gorgeous as a stiletto and much more practical.

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