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Holiday Parties Makeup for Eyes

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If you wear contact lenses, choose a water-based, hypoallergenic liquid foundation, instead of cream, to prevent leaving a film on your lenses. Avoid lash-extending mascara, which has fibers that can irritate the eyes, and waterproof mascara, which cannot be easily removed with water and may stain soft contact lenses.
In the dry winter months, use an oil-free moisturizer and avoid using hand creams or lotions before handling contacts since they can leave a film on your lenses. Also, keep false eyelash adhesive, nail polish and remover, perfume, and cologne away from lenses because they can damage the plastic.

Hairspray should be used before putting in contacts. If used while they are in, close your eyes during spraying, and for a few seconds afterward. Put on soft contact lenses before applying makeup.

Be mindful of new apparel or even new fragrances or perfumes. Certain fabrics — like that new holiday sweater — can cause an eye irritation or an

Holiday Parties Makeup for Eyes

allergic reaction. Without knowing it, you might touch the new fabric and then rub your eyes. An allergic reaction can cause red, irritated eyes.

Over-the-counter eye drops can sometimes be overused for bloodshot, weary eyes. See your eye care professional to determine an appropriate course of treatment.

For dry eyes with contacts, take re wetting drops to your next party. They will help as the night wears on, especially if you are reveling in a particularly smoky room.

Resist the urge to quickly moisten your lenses with saliva or bottled water if they become dry or uncomfortable. Either one may contain bacteria that could lead to an infection.

Too many parties and not enough sleep? Cold packs applied under the eyes or witch hazel applied to puffiness around the eyes may reduce swelling.

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