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History Salwar Kameez design

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SalwarKameezis to South Asia as a jeans-and-shirts combination is to people in America. Some decades ago, this ensemble was worn by immigrant South Asian Women looking for the proverbial greener grass on the other side. Nowadays, it is an ensemble of high fashion (think skinny jeans flowing ponchos).Salwaris actually a Persian word for pants, andkameezis derived from the Arabic word qamis, which was in turn, derived from camisia – the Latin word for shirt.

India is a melting pot of people and peoples; more so during earlier times. Civilization has always thrived among places near bodies of water for the reason that it makes transport (and consequently trading) of goods easier. And in the Indus basin, people from all over Asia and other Muslim countries from the West and North, as well as those from Central Asia (South China) flock to the place to trade. Trading was more than just an exchange of products though; it caused races to be aware of various cultures.

However, this is not to downplay the role of religious zealots in getting people exposed to other races and cultures; to the contrary, this can, in a way, support the claim thatsalwar kameezwas brought by Muslims. After all,shalwar kameezhas always been regarded not only as South Asian clothes but also as clothes worn by Muslims.

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