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Hight Heel Fancy Shoes

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High heel shoes have been around since the 1500`s, where they begin as a foot wear for men. And while that quick trend for men didn`t last, it did make its way over to women who have been wearing them ever since. High heels have been an important part of wardrobe planning for the last few decades and shoe stores are lined with various heels. However, there are some pros and cons to using high heels that are worth noting.

Back in the eighties and nineties, high heels were big and they were accessorized with bright colors. It wasn`t odd to see people wearing bright red or pink thick heels that just looked very chunky. And not only were they made bigger but some of them were designed with bows and rose shapes, straps and dangling string. It was almost like an extension of their purse, which was also big and colorful. Luckily for current heel wearers the trend has shifted toward something more sophisticated glmorous.
These days` heels look much different than they did in the past. And they can look different based on the function there being worn to. For example a women going out at night for dinner might have on a sexy looking shoe that reveals skin, where as a women going to work might have a plainer heel that still looks great.

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