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High Heel

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Does a woman appear more feminine inhigh heels than say flats? Yes, the mincing steps that a woman must take in heels, makes her much sexier. Even more important to many women is that they appear to be much slimmer when wearing heels. This is because heels make a woman stand much straighter, if only to keep her balance. When she stands straighter, her stomach needs to be pulled in, so of course that also makes her appear much slimmer.Consider too going out dancing. A woman naturally dances more on tiptoes than a man; it’s just a fact of life. Thus, she feels as if she dances better while wearing heels, and perhaps she does.

Some women wear heels to be taller, especially if their beau is much taller than she. No woman wants a man to have to literally bend down to kiss her lips in a romantic gesture.One need not wear stiletto heels to both feel more feminine and move more sexily; even a moderate heel will often make enough difference in the stance of the female, and lend an air of being a femme fatale. It has not gone past women’s realization that the starlets that most men consider the sexiest are always wearing high heels.

Finally there are those who are totally convinced that women wear high heels to please other women, so that other women do not ridicule them. There is probably some truth in that statement as well after all, women buy into the fashions, and never want to be caught wearing something out of fashion.

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