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Henna Tattoos

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For those who like the look of tattoos but hate the resistance of a real , henna tattoos are the perfect solution. First of all, henna tattoos are relatively cheaper than real tattoos . Second, they are also much less painful. Third, henna tattoo designs are very similar to those used in actual designs of tattoos on the skin , but it is generally limited to reddish brown. However, despite the fact that there are many models to choose from , there are some things to consider even before you choose the right tattoo .

Henna can be inserted into the dermis but it still causes some people Hautreizungenbei . Special black henna containing PPD or henna, is highly allergenic . So before a test, if you want to find a negative reaction to the illicit ink your skin. If your skin shows signs of irritation, which means that the choice of models, which are narrow and thin limits. This ensures that your skin is a small amount of henna ink is forever. The choice of designs larger and darker henna tattoo can can cause extreme allergic reactions to anaphylactic shock.

Unlike tattoos on the skin , whose designs come in different colors of your choice, henna tattoo designs are limited to reddish brown hues , or at least are the safest . Although you can use different colors for tattoos, this is generally not recommended because it requires the addition of chemicals for inks . This increases the chances of ink henna adverse skin reactions .

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