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Henna Tattoo Design

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The cause of the art of tattooing can be traced back to the Neolithic times and has been expert by people across the world for centuries. Though it was primarily used for divine and discovery purposes, the art of tattooing expanded its horizons and soon became famous as a form of cosmetic. Tattoos are made by injecting ink into the layers of the skin. Most tattoos are permanent, but some of them can be removed fully or somewhat through laser tattoo removal treatments. The permanent nature of tattoos was considered a drawback, as a finicky tattoo has to be carried throughout life. This led to the study for temporary tattoos, which can be removed or which fade away with time. Henna tattooing met these standards and became one of the most popular methods of tattooing.

Henna Tattooing

Henna is a flowering plant, commonly found in the semi-arid regions of the world. The leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis) contain a red dye molecule called lawsone, which can bond with protein. Hence, the paste of these leaves have been used by people since time immemorial for dyeing fabrics and coloring hair, skin and nails. habitually, henna was used to draw delicate patterns on the hands and feet. Gradually, people started using henna designs as a replacement for square tattoos. Unlike other types of temporary tattoos, henna tattoos cannot be made in a wide range of colors. The latter can come up with shades of reds, browns and near blacks. But beware of some henna products, which may contain harmful chemicals. Hence, it is always better to use natural henna for tattoos and body art.

Henna Tattoo Design

Henna tattoos are made of henna paste, which is applied on the skin in the desired pattern. It is left on the skin for several hours to facilitate staining. The stain will last for around two weeks to one month, depending on the method of application and after-care. One of the reasons behind the popularity of henna tattoos is its temporary nature. The tattoo will fade on its own and there is no need of adopting tattoo removal methods. Even if you want to remove henna tattoos, it is very

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