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Henna Tattoo Care

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If you want a nice and dark color from yourhenna tattoos, patience and maintaining body heat is the key. Use the belowhenna tattoo careinstructions and enjoy the dark color of yourtattoo.

* Apply eucalyptus oil to the body part where you will be getting thehenna tattoo.
* After thehenna tattoohas been applied, keep the tattoo paste on for as long as possible. It is advisable to keep it on for a minimum of 6 hours and that is the reason for the belief, that the best way to get ahenna tattoodone is before going to bed and then leaving it on overnight.
*Hennastains better if the body heat is maintained. You can have some hot drink like tea or coffee to get better color out of yourtattoo.
* If you have appliedhenna tattooon your hands, then follow this method to darken the color. Take some cloves in a pan, mildly heat them and then place your hands over the steam emanating from the pan. It is important that you follow this tip with caution.
* After thehennais kept overnight, scrape it off in the bathroom sink. You can use an old toothbrush to do this. If you are not keeping thehenna tattooon overnight, but just for a few hours, make sure it is completely dry before you scrape it off.
* When you are done removing the dry paste from your hands, apply some topical decongestant. The decongestant will really warm up the body part and thehennawill stain even better. After 2 hours, you can again apply the decongestant a second time on your hands.
* After 3 – 4 hours you can wash the body part with water. To maintain thehenna tattooon your body for a longer time, avoid washing it too much. Thetattoowill last longer if you protect thetattoofrom the chemical ingredients in soaps.

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