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Henna Designs For Eid 2012

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Henna Designs are vey famous in all over the Asia and specially on differnt occassion like Eid, wedding and different ceremonies. Henna seems in many different shades and colors like brown, dark green, black and popular with pinkish orange. In fact, the natural henna henna lasts much longer than artificial, that is, if you are looking for longer-lasting version, choose how to apply henna natural option.Wondering function effectively when it is approaching? Almost anyone can easily be painted with mehndi patterns on the one hand, legs and body parts, if possible.

Henna Design For Eid 2012

So let’s look at the steps to perform only this! Getting a henna ready to be the first step, so make sure that this was achieved before the beginning of this art. Your choice would be two, is to prepare you for using henna henna leaves, or simply buy a shop near the henna ready would be better to opt for natural henna, because it would definitely last longer (abut 1 -2 weeks), compared to artificial henna begin disappearing in a few days.

Henna Designs For Eid 2012

Prepare henna by adding hot water and a little oil of jasmine in the ground henna powder in a bowl. Optional items include coffee powder, tea leaves and sugar that would provide answers to the question of how dark Mehndi, although you could do without the evidence. The addition of lemon juice will allow the henna paste to remain fresh longer durations.If you do not know where to mix your pasta.

Henna Designs For Eid 2012

Use an empty margarine container could get rid of once they’re done with your henna. Toss the pasta in water constantly and add a little boiling until the mixture is similar to toothpaste. Once you realize that the level of consistency of the dough is like toothpaste, you should do to close the lid and store in a dry place for about 3 hours.Make your choice of design size of the India, Pakistan and Arab designs, and the use of tools such as toothpicks and ready-made templates to apply henna on the skin.

Henna Designs For Eid 2012

Remember that the choice of tools is determined by the complexity of your design choice. You will be asked to wait about three hours using henna body parts specified to allow for efficient drying of the skin. When the henna is dry, simply detach it, but make sure you wash the area with water for at least twelve hours.Henna designs for hands and feet are generally more complex and delicate design compared to other parts of the body, which you might want to spend more time on these models to ensure they get along very well.

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