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Heart Tattoos for Women

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Heart tattoo designs are in mode since 1900s. Earlier, heart tattoos were consider to be a symbol of soul as well as love. Some religions believe that heart is the spiritual center of every human being. However nowadays people get heart tattoos done only to symbolize their love; love for their beloved or for mom or dad or even for themselves! Heart tattoos are one of the most sought after feminine tattoo designs as they look vibrant and one can also ink the name of their beloved in it. Also, by inking the desired name women get to flaunt their love!

Heart Tattoo Designs
Heart tattoos are not just made of simple heart designs, they also include different shapes and designs. Generally there is a distinct sorting of tattoos for men and tattoos for girls. However, heart tattoo designs are such that they can be etched by both women and men. There are many heart tattoo designs such as hearts tattoos with cupid, heart tattoo designs with two love birds, or lady bug in the heart tattoo. Women mostly choose heart tattoos with some flower tattoo design in it. The designs of the heart tattoos also depends on the part of the body where it is done. If it is done on the wrist its visibly going to be small and simple whereas if it is done on the arm, it will be detailed.

Celtic Heart Tattoo
Celtic heart tattoos for women have designs of knots, circling the heart. Celtic heart tattoos are used mostly to denote the bond of love between two hearts as the hearts are solid with the knots and loops. They are also done by women to denote never ending phase of love. One of the famous Celtic heart tattoo is, crowned heart held by two hands. It is known as ‘claddagh’. Besides knots and loops, Celtic heart tattoos can be made in spiral designs also. Spirals designs have two meanings. If the spirals are opening to the right they denote the sun and if they are opening to the left, they symbolize the earth. Celtic design tattoos with hearts are also known as love knot tattoos because they are said to denote the union of two souls.

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