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Hair Style 2012

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Changing the hairstyle is often done by women is not just for the sake of practicality, fashion, looking for a new style, or is not outdated. Replacing with a new hair style, also done to make women look more attractive in front of men, especially their loved ones.First, a man just likes women who have long hair, but in line with the development of the hairstyle industry, now the men also like women with the different of hair styles. In this article we’ve gathered eight of the most women’s hair styles favored by many men at the world. This can be a reference if you want to change your hair style, so that no one vote and looks to be better.

Eight styles of women’s hair styles 2012 that men loved are:

1. Ponytail hairstyle

A high ponytail hair style at behind it will make women look cheerful, young and flirty in front of men. For maximum results, make the bottom of your hair into curls using a curling iron before tied high above the head.

2. Side ponytail hairstyle

No women’s hair styles 2012 that can cover the shortfall of your face to the maximum, but if you use this style, its imperfections can be reduced. Make sure you do not tie your hair too tight so that top-knot does not look stiff. This hair style makes you look younger and adorable in front of men.

3. Random bun hair style

This style is made by clipping your hair as a bun on the back with a random. No need finishing for the front or side of your hair that falls around the face, because it will make a chic simple impression. This style makes you look even more sleek and graceful.

4. Bouffant-Bangs hair style

High bouffant bangs and clamped above the head, will make all attention focused on your face. This style will give the impression that you are a wild woman, seductive and glamorous.

5. Pixie hair style

According to an expert hair that beautiful women do not have to hide behind long hair, but short hair can also make it more graceful. Women who want to use this style, categorized as women who have high self confidence.

6. Shaggy Hair style

This style was first popularized by Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. Until now this style is not dead, although many emerging new hair style that is more recent. The reason this style is still popular because it can beautify your eyes and cheekbones, also pretty simple. To maximize this style, be sure to blow dry your hair after every shampoo to make look pretty.

7. Straight-long and healthy hair styles

Men are most like women with long straight hair and healthy, not long straight hair with broken. If it is your choice, make sure you are keeping it healthy by using natural treatments.

8. Smooth and shiny hair style

Whatever kind of women’s hair styles 2011 you use, men will love it if it looks smooth and shiny. This could make a man want to touch it every day. In addition to using shampoo and conditioner products, shiny hair can be obtained by using a styling gel or cream.

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