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Hair Claws For Thick Hair

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Having thick hair can be a blessing and a curse. You can learn how to deal with your thick hair so that it is more blessing than curse. Follow this advice and you can avoid the frustration that comes with spending hours in front of the mirror and ending up with Marge Simpson hair.

Hair Claws For Thick Hair

First off you need to seek out professional advice on the kind of cut you should maintain. Go to a well established salon and remember you really do get what you pay for. You can however, see a lower priced stylist for subsequent visits. This stylist can follow the higher priced cut. If you have thick and coarse hair never allow a stylist to use thinning, or razor shears. They are trying to help you with all your thick hair but it will just make it worse.

Hair Claws For Thick Hair

The daily blow dry is the hardest part of dealing with thick hair. Rule number one, stop washing your hair every day. It’s not good for it. Your hair needs a certain amount of natural oil to remain healthy and supple. Too much blow drying and heat styling also damages the cuticle. Try to only wash your hair every three days. This will cut down on time spent dealing with your thick hair and make it more healthy and manageable. Color treated hair will also fade less. When you do wash your hair ensure that a proper job is done. You may need to lather with shampoo and rinse twice. Investing in a hand held shower head is also advisable.

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