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Green Technology : Energy Saving: Green things I’d like to use

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image thumb Energy Saving: Green things I’d like to useMy vision of the a Star Trek universe and a flying world of the Jetson’s is very, very slowly coming around; at a snails pace, but there’s thing right now that I’d like to use for going GREEN right now that I think would make a big difference in how everyone gets there power.

I do realize that based on where you live, you need to be giving attention to what resources you have around you. Obviously, you can’t live in a place that has little or no wind and expect to put up a wind turbine; it’s not going to work. But you live in a sunny place, with lots of wind— you could’ve lots of possibilities.

Here’s a few of the option that I’d like to start using in the future…


The Power Cube… for homes

Can you think of all the things in you home that use 100w of power? Have you ever thought about limiting your lifestyle to where you could live on 4000w of power a month? Or just making a change?

uo3453h3 thumb Energy Saving: Green things I’d like to use

The introduction of the power cube from Bloom Energy was a couple of years ago, and they basically GAVE Google and other big companies these big energy plants; they call them cubes. And now these energy plants provide  25% to 1/3 of the power for these select locations…

Wind Turbine… for homes

There are lots of models for wind turbines for the home, but I don’t think a lot of people realize the amount of savings they could have, or even how many things could be powered by adding a wind turbine. For instance, the average person would be able to understand that a single wind would power their frig, or their frig and their TV…

I believe customers would be more apt to believe or go with something that says ‘this is what it’s going to to [specifically]’; maybe there needs to be a comparison. What can they power?

But regardless f the marketing, they’re incredibly useful in areas that’d get constant wind, or a breeze. Why NOT take advantage of it? All you have to do is capture it.

Here’s a general example video:

My biggest issue is with areas that DON’T allow wind turbines because they’re not attractive to the area!

For those people, I would ask this; what if all the extra power created from all the homes in the area was put back in to lighting the streets, parks or playgrounds for kids; or powering traffic lights? How about a whole community of homes, a subdivision of homes, where the home owners NEVER pay an electric bill…

I wonder how people would feel about saving approximately $3000 or more a year?

And as the video points out; you get a tax credit for installing them— up to 30%.

I don’t know that having fairly large electric plants are the answer to energy; I believe that having smallcommunity areas that collect power and store it centrally; sharing the investment is a better way to go.

importanticon Energy Saving: Green things I’d like to use A little off topic, but if we ever get to electric cars [heavily], having parking lots like Wal-mart and Target, and major shopping centers— if these places installed wind turbines, to charge customers cars while they shopped— it’d be awesome.


For Electric Cars…

One of the things that keeps surprising me is the lack of taking up technologies that could use the very thing about cars, that we’re fighting; the wind. Wind is a major factor with cars, it’s what defines a cars performance and normally dictates HOW the vehicle is going to look. But what if you could take advantage of the air around a vehicle as it’s moving.. don’t just expend energy to move the vehicle, collect it while it’s moving.

Hundreds of these writhe type devices could be mounted on the vehicle in the grill, on the sides and the back as the wind passes by, over and through the vehicle.

image thumb2 Energy Saving: Green things I’d like to use

Here’s a video on how it works…

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