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Great African American Prom Hairstyles

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For every teenager, prom night is perhaps the most important school event in their entire high school life.  Even before the school year hits, many girls would already find themselves daydreaming about the dress they will wear, who they will be going to the prom with, and the right hairstyle that would complement their overall look.

African American prom hairstyles tend to be rather limited because of the thick volume and rich texture characteristic with African American hair. But that does not mean that African American teens are left looking pretty much the same during prom night.  Here are just a few African American prom hairstyles that you can choose from to bring out the best in you.

Going Straight

One of the most popular African American prom hairstyles is to straighten out their curly locks for prom night.  This is great for African American teens that have medium and long hair.  Before straightening out your hair, make sure that you add some smoothening agent to minimize a frizzy look that may result from straightening out extremely curly hair.

Popular Black prom hairstyle 2010 -2011
Another popular African American prom hairstyle is to put their hair up.  Apart from providing a neat look for prom night, the rich texture of African American hair makes it extremely easy for African American teens to set their hair in an updo.  While the most common updo African American prom hairstyles includes putting the hair in a bun or a French twist, you can add some twist to this by accentuating your natural curls in your updo.

Tapping in Your Roots

Many African American teenagers would often style their hair in culturally-inspired braids during special occasions.  These culturally-inspired braids have become increasingly popular African American prom hairstyle among African American teenagers today.  Braiding your hair in micro braids provide you with the illusion of manageable straight hair that can be further styled into a half updo for that added unique touch while still providing you a sense of your cultural heritage and roots to your overall look.  If you are planning to wear your hair in micro braids, make sure that you schedule this with a professional hairstylist a few days before prom night.

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