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Good Walking Shoe

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It’s amazing to see how many considerations there are when trying to find a good walking shoe, the best walking shoe to suit your needs, the variation in style in women’s and men’s walking shoes. You certainly have an assortment of colors and fabrics ranging from durable leather to casual looking material.

Remember while buying your walking shoes to keep the width and length of your foot in mind. Be aware if you’re looking at a woman’s shoe that it is indeed a woman’s shoe and not a man’s shoe. Basic elements to look for are breathability especially in leather, how many hours you intend to be in these walking shoes, and do you tend to sweat a lot. Good support and durability is important to keep in mind for both women and men. Will you need a fast drying shoe? Do you intend to walk in the rain or on a trail? Keep in mind what you will be wearing with the shoes. If you’ll be using them on a daily basis you may not want the shoe to have a running shoe look. While searching for the best walking shoe to meet your needs, you may want to consider something in a lighter breathable leather, with more of a casual shoe look.

If you’ll be doing your walking late in the day, get your shoe half a size larger than your foot size is earlier in the day or morning. Feet tend to swell late in the day. Also allow a quarter, to half an inch of wiggle room in front of your toes. Good luck in finding the nicest men’s or women’s, leather or sporty looking shoe to best suite your needs. The internet certainly offers you many choices.

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