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Gold Brooches

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GoldBrooches can be created very simply; buying jewelleryGold findings such as brooch blanks Gold,and gluing stones or mosaic pieces to them. Pins can be glued to the backs of the blanks and a very basic brooch Gold is made. A popular effect is layering. Not only does it add an intricacy to the piece, but stones can also be incorporated for eye-catching effects. Round-nosed pliers are advisable in this process to cope with minute manipulation of the wire involved.


Firstly, you need to decide on the backing for your brooch: gold, or silver. Once you have made your choice, you will need gold or silver half-hard wire; – 0.50 mm in diameter. The hardness of these wires makes them perfect for incorporating small beads, gems or pearls into your design.

Take one continuous length and, using your round-nosed pliers, create a tine curve in one end; this will act as a seal. Form a looping circle and place your beads, stones or pearls onto the wire. Looping the wire into petal shapes, form the outline of a flower. Depending on how much wire you have, you can continue to loop petal shapesGold and layer them onto the petals behind, forming a succession of overlapping petals. These do not have to be perfectly aligned; it is often more interesting to see the petalsGold at the back, as well as those on top. Ensure, however that you leave enough wire free to fix a central stone or gem.

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