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Glowing Skin on This Eid

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Ramadan can be one tough month but to mark its end Muslims have Eid, a wonderful tradition of religious celebration. Even in Ramadan sociable Ramadan events like iftaars and sehris are at a peak. Nobody wants to turn up at a Ramadan event looking starved. In Ramadan looking our best till Eid seems impossible.

Everyone knows a zillion beauty tips but in Ramadan it is so difficult to bother with all the preparation. Here is one easy way of keeping your glowing skin intact in Ramadan and for Eid.  Glowing skin is something that makes one stand out always, and glowing skin is what we need in Ramadan and for Eid.

Fruit salad is a Ramadan must for everyone. While preparing it take a slice of banana mash it with lemon juice or don’t and rub it on your face. This will not only cleanse your face but will give you glowing skin. Do this everyday as religiously as you make your fruit salad and till Eid your glowing skin will be all everyone would be talking about.

Glowing skin is a necessity that seems like a luxury to most. Throughout this Ramadan and on Eid let your glowing skin shine through.

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