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Gemini Tattoos 2012

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Gemini designs are great ink choices. Here are some Gemini tattoo ideas for getting the best design possible.

Gemini tats have the representation of twins. You can get creative with the twin representation, using different symbols or even animals as a tattoo choice to accompany, surround or even incorporate the sign. Or you can just go with the standard Gemini symbol as it stands alone strong all by itself.

Gemini tattoo ideas for symbolism can include a variety of attributes. They can stand for being versatile and able to adapt to any situation. They can be used to stand for an always youthful and lively nature. And they also have an intellectual representation to them.

Your Gemini tattoo ideas can include or incorporate designs. Here are some real good ideas and examples of incorporating designs:

-Stars, one large one or several surrounding.

-Flowers, several surrounding flowers are common.

-Tribal, a tribal design surrounding the tattoo.

-Skull, the Gem tat coming through a skull.

-Animals, many different animal designs can apply to this design, sometimes it is recommended that the wolf design be used for Gemini’s.

Whatever you decide, it is always best to consult an online tattoo gallery to make sure you see what all is available. This way you won’t have any regrets, and often times you’ll get inspired by new design ideas.

There are so many combination of designs with Zodiac symbols that you’ll want to research until you find the one that specifically speaks to you!

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