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Frog Tattoo Designs

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frog-tattooDifferent style of frog side looks and doing different styles from frog see more

Frog tattoos are cute and are quite popular amongst women. But what kinds of frog tattoo designs are out there?Frog Tattoos are widely worn by both men and women. The most popular species of frog tattoos are the tree frogs. Tree frogs are small cute, the have big eyes and large feet. Tree frogs are typically orange and green in color. Orange and green are nice colors and go well together I think their color is one of the main reasons why they are popular amongst Frog Tattoo Designs

Frog Tattoo Designs

The most popular types of frog tattoo designs seem to be the tribal ones, done in traditional black spikey tribal and also haida and polynesian tribal art is up there with the most popular styles too. As for styles you will find cartoon type frog tattoos, realistic, abstract and black and grey. Many frog designs are typically a frog sat on a lilly pad, or a tree frog clinging onto a branch of a tree or even clinging onto a bamboo shoot.

Frog Tattoo Designs

Many tattoo shops will house a good array of frog tattoo designs to choose from, but you will probably be better off searching the internet for cool designs. There are many sites out there featuring quality unique stuff so type in frog tattoo designs in the search box and away you go. However I will include some of my own references below.

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