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Freida Pinto CGI “challenge” has enjoyed

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Freida Pinto enjoyed CGI ‘challenge’

Freida Pinto monkey planet growth in the number of CGI to the next level ‘challenge’ is enjoyed.

Future Science. FI drama, a prequel to the monkey planet’s most successful film franchise’s 26-year-old Indian actress Stars.

Freida image, which moves all the latest technology in the claim was presented to Caroline Aranha, and happy film, pushed to restrict CGI methods.

“Technology, Film, CGI is used, we have taken out in the open,” he captured by BBC reporters in a video gushed.

“We are not limited to the studio. In this sense it is a big challenge and a lot more coordination, more needs to be done in the choreography. ‘

Freida real monkey in the film’s decision not to use all expressed their happiness.

“It seems true that we do not shoot with a real monkey is incredible and we do not need them. This is the first step, we now need a real monkey.

“We go where they can and we can work with actors, actress smiled.

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