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Flaunt your Nails with Fabulous Nail Art

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We have ideas for corporate and working ladies, teen age girls going on parties and even toddlers who are amazingly interested in nail art.

Are you thinking of matching the right nail polish with your clothes? Try something new on those neatly filed nails. Become the Diva or lady of the night by exhibiting your beautiful nail art. Do not just apply a simple nail color which every other girl would have applied. Become unique just by using a little bit of art and creative imagination and put those ideas on your fine nails to try a new trend.

This fall 2011 has prepared a plenty ways to get started with your lacquer on mainly in accordance to the heart-stopping designs and amazing single-hued colors. All you need to do is a little bit of mixing which won’t disappoint you with super-cool and stimulating artistic work that will nail your personality. We’ll tell you how the nail art goes.

  • For corporate ladies: Newspaper print mania trend for nails is in. what you need to do is paint the nails in light color. Let the nails dry completely. Now, place a newspaper on top and with an alcohol-dipped cotton ball, transfer the text to the nails. Lift the newspaper, let it dry and layer with a final coat on the nails. Try other trends in crackled nail polishes too.
  • For young teens: Try diamond, glitter or a python look on your nails if planning to go on a themed party. What you require is paint the nail with a pale pink nail polish in case of the diamond look. With a manicure wooden stick, dip into clear polish and put dots on the nails which act as a glue. Apply a few diamantes’ on your nails and let it dry. For a python trend look, apply a black base and make patterns of yellow scale on the nails to give it a refined skin effect. You have a variety as you can go for glazed, matte, wild roses look on your nails too.
  • For toddlers: if you five year olds are interested in some artistic nail art, try something of her interest. Make converse shoes with a wooden manicure stick and a few colors like red, blue or green. Other trends include making of flowers, jelly, polka dots or chocolates. Make nail art a complete new activity for your young one.

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