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Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder say sorry to Shah Rukh Khan

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shahrukh-khan-shirish-kunderShahrukh khan and Shirish kunder fight at Sunjay dutt party

Yesterady leading story about Shah Rukh Khan’s slapping Farah Khan’s husband Shirish Kunder at Sanjay Dutt’s party happened on Sunday night. Shah Rukh punched Kunder when he was drunk and continuously followed King Khan there. Khan warned him not to do so but he continued and the irritated Shah Rukh then did not have any other option on hand but to give him a good slap. Sanjay Dutt intervened into to stop the fight.

The fight, which turned uglier and continued being uglier since the stars started emerging showing their loyalties. Sajid Khan, Farah Khan’s brother sensed the matter was turning towards dangerous side. Thus he took it in his own hands and called Shah Rukh’s wife Gauri to fix an appointment to meet him. Gauri fixed it and called them at Khan’s residence at Mannat. Farah Khan, her husband Shrirish Kunder and Sajid Khan came there and met SRK over the meal. Reportedly Shirish said sorry to Shah Rukh and both hugged each other.

Shah Rukh and Farah Khan’s friendship ended up in 2009 when Shah Rukh had turned down the offer to star in Kunder’s movie. Well, now it is all over and the friendship has taken birth once again. Farah Khan said that Shah Rukh told her to forget all and start afresh once again. She continued telling that she now felt relieved as she really liked Shah Rukh Khan. SRK and Farah’s friendship dates back to 14 years.

Sajid Khan told the media being sentimental that when his sister Farah’s marriage took place there were only three witnesses – he, Sajid Nadiadwala and Shah Rukh Khan. He told that they were like a family and this was the reason that he took the initiative to sort out the things by calling Gauri and fixing an appointment.

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