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Family living rooms

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1 family living rooms Family living rooms
Traditonal family living room design
Short on space? An L-shaped corner sofa fits snugly into this living room scheme, providing plently of cosy seating for the family. An open fire creates a welcoming atmosphere and a fiery red rug adds warmth to the wooden flooring.

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2 family living rooms shelving Family living rooms
Storage ideas for a family living room
Storage is essential in any family living room so invest in floor-to-ceiling shelves for all those books and DVDs. It might encourage the kids to do a bit of reading, too!
3 family living rooms Family living rooms
Contemporary family living room design with neutral wallpaper
This circular coffee table has hidden seating – perfect for games of chess or a quick bite to eat. Once you’re finished, just tuck the stools back underneath the table to save on space.
4 family living rooms basement conversion mediazone Family living rooms
Basement family entertainment zone
Create the ultimate entertainment zone with a wall-mounted TV screen, quirky wall art and surround-sound speakers. This modern basement conversion is packed with fun, what better way to keep the kids happy?
5 family living rooms Family living rooms
Modern country living room with fireplace
We love this relaxed living room space. A comfy leather sofa piled high with colourful cushions set the tone, while country-style details, such as the bunting hung above the fireplace, accentuate the lived-in feel.
6 family living rooms Family living rooms
Light and spacious family living room design
With plenty of floor space for kids’ toys, this living room easily doubles as a playroom. Large windows keep the look bright and breezy.
7 family living rooms Family living rooms
Vibrant wallpaper family living room
Sunshine yellow wallpaper create a pleasant atmosphere in this family living area. A wall-mounted TV takes centre stage on the feature wall, while shelves stacked with books balance it out. Choose a coffee table with storage space underneath for magazines and TV remotes.
8 family living rooms Family living rooms
Contemporary family living room with large sofa
You can never have too many cushions! Create a cosy spot to retire to at the end of the day with tactile soft furnishings. Go for a large coffee table so you have plenty of space at teatime.
9 family living rooms Family living rooms
Plantation-style family living room with storage chest
Rattan flooring is great if you’ve got kids as it’s hard-wearing and scuffs won’t show up as much. An old chest is perfect for storing away games, plus it doubles up as a coffee table.
10 family living rooms Family living rooms
Media unit family living room
A built-in media unit is ideal for a family living room. Let the TV take centre stage and surround with games, DVDs and CDs. A corner sofa is ideal for snuggling up together to watch your favourite shows.

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