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Fallen Angel Tattoo

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Another take on this design is thefallenangeltattoo. The fallen angel has been thrown out of heaven as punishment. It is said that a group of rebellious angels came to earth to mix with mortals. As punishment, they were banished from heaven and roam the earth until judgment day. They are usually depicted as looking upwards with their face covered, sometimes with a broken wing. Some people have afallenangeltattooto depict their bad streak, or show off their rebellious side.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

Angeltattoosare becoming more and more popular today, especially among religious people and young people. They are fascinated by celestial beings because of their special meaning and symbolism. They are of a higher spiritual realm.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

The word “angel” comes from the Greek word “aggelo“, which means to announce something. From this etymological explanation comes the belief that angels are messengers of God, who bring peace and serenity to mankind.

Fallen Angel Tattoo

There are many beliefs associated withseraphtattoos. Some think they symbolize protection and spiritual freedom. Others get angel tattoos to commemorate a loved one’s death, thinking that they will transform into angels and remain with their relatives to guide them. They also express personal relationship with God and his unconditional love for mankind.

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