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Fall 2012 HairStyle Trends

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This year hair has been all about revival and evolution. As trends are reused every few years they are changed and grow into something new, yet not straying from their roots. This fall, styles and colours from 2010 will be reworked and mastered. 2011 fall and winter has a lot in store from braids to bangs and teased hair, prepping fashionistas for 2012 as seventies fashion remains high on the runway radar. Pleats, fur and bell bottoms are creeping their way back into the fashion world with a small emphasis on biker-punk look.

Long Hair

There has been a draw towards the look of ‘effortless’, simple yet messy. From a simple double knot to a teased bun on the top of your head, these are all in style. Another aspect of this season will be braids. Specifically double braids with your hair half up. We’ve seen it happening already and it’s still going strong. Lastly, for long hair, a less expected trend of the sexy, half up style is hitting the fashion wave. Whether puffy or sleek, this half up style is good for daytime and night.

Fall 2011 HairStyle Trends

Medium Length Hair

The bob has been taking to a whole new level with the addition of the wave. Stylists and models alike are not over the bob yet, but it needed to be reinvented; kept fresh. The fashion trend for medium length hair for fall is the wavy bob. If this doesn’t appeal to you, the bob with fringe is also rolling it’s way onto the circuit. Straight, streamlined bangs with a bob, curled at the bottom will also be seen this fall.

Short Hair

Popular in 2007, yet dated back to the 1960?s, this fall you will be seeing a lot of pixie crop cuts. It contained short sides with a longer fringe but this fall you will see a version of it that is short all over. This hairstyle works best for those with straight hair, but speak to your stylist if you want something similar but have wavy or curly hair.


This fall is not about specific colours. It is about picking the colour that suites you. With all the reality television shows about makeovers, there has been a calling for colouring your hair in relation to your skin tone. This fall also emphasized the dramatic. If your skin tone matches a blond tone, you want to make your blond as dramatic as possible. It’s all about strong hues.

It’s fantastic being with the latest trends but always remember to choose styles that suite you. You want your hair to match your face structure and skin tone, don’t be led astray because of something you see that looks good on someone else. You can stay within the fall 2011 styles without having a certain hair cut or colour that doesn’t suit you.

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