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Eyeliner for Smokey Eye Makeup

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Line the top and bottom edges of the eyes with an eyeliner pencil for smokey eyes.Typically, you use a pencil eyeliner black or charcoal, but you can also use pencil black eyeliner that matches your color of eye shadow function.Make sure you go to the lash line itself (near the root of the eyelashes).

Eyeliner for Smokey Eye Makeup

Be sure to fill all the spaces between the bare lashes.Start the inner corner of eyes on the rocks. As you go outside corner of your eye make the line heavier. If you have any hard lines using heavy eyeliner pencil that you want to lightly smudge the line so it is softer and less harsh appearance.

Eyeliner for Smokey Eye Makeup

This movement is much easier using a pencil eyeliner powder with a built in sponge tip for smudging.Tip Smokey Eye Makeup: Dark colors tend to make small eyes look even smaller. You can open your eyes by applying the eyeliner from the middle of the lower lash line, rather than the inside corner and go to the outer corner of the eye. If your eyes are not smallish feel free to apply eyeliner from corner to corner.

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