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Eyebrow Threading

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Powder puffEyebrowBrush: This brush is perfect for dispersing power evenly and darkening eyebrows. It is a soft powder brush. It is a hand shaped eyebrow brush with natural tip. It can hold and transfer powder brow powder to brows perfectly. It hashardwoodhandle.

Eyebrow Brush

AngledBrowBrush: This brush can be used to perfectly placing and filling the powder in brows. Its bristles are slightly stiffer than that of powderpuffbrush. While using a stencil, this brush allows even application of brow powder. Its angled tip also helps you in apply powder precisely.

Eyebrow Brush

BrowComb/BrushCombo: This is a combination brush. This has a small comb on one side and brush on the other side. This brush pulls hairs through stencil hole, very precisely and flips them quickly. It then smoothly brushes hairs flat over stencil area. You can choose a short handled or long handled brush. It is just right for daily grooming foreyebrows.

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Eyebrow Threading
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