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Eyebrow Arches

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Eyebrow Arches
1 : First, you need to chose the correct shape for your brow. Your brow shape depends on the shape of your eye. The eye and the brow should look balanced.
-If you have small eyes, you should thin your brows so they don’t overwhelm the eye area and detract from the natural beauty of your eyes.
-If you have a full or wide eye, your brow should be full.

Eyebrow Arches

2:   Shaping
Next, you need to find where your brow should go. You should
take an eyeshadow brush or pencil and hold it parallel to your nose.Where the brush meets your brow is where the brow should begin.

-To find your arch, hold the brush parallel to the outside edge of the colored part of your eye (iris). Where the brush meets the brow is where the highest part of where you brow should be.

Eyebrow Arches

3: Now you know the shape you are going for you now want to begin the tweezing process. If you visited with a professional you should only be looking for strays that have returned. If not, began by tweezing the inner brow above the nose. Be sure to tweeze pulling each hair out in the direction it is growing in.

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