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Eye Shadow Makeup Ideas 2012

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There is a variety of eyeshadow makeup ideas, few of which we have brought for you. Learn about different ideas and choose any one for you.For every day look natural eye makeup is the best option. A perfectly applied natural makeup makes you look if you haven’t worn makeup. It not only serves to accentuate your eyes but also makes them look fresh and alert. The color you choose to use for creating the natural look depends upon the skin and hair tone, so, choose colors that complement your natural skin tone perfectly. Natural eyeshadow color palette include array of brown, peach and ivory colors. Start doing makeup by coating your entire lid with a shade close to your natural skin tone. Paint darker shades in the pleat of your lid and a somewhat lighter shade on the eyebrow bone. Complete the look with the application of soft-brown liner and mascara.

Those who want to have an extra glamorous and mysterious evening look can go for smoky eyes effect. You can choose to don smoky makeup for the daytime as well. It is wise to follow three-color approach; a lighter color, a medium (gray) shade and a dark (charcoal) shade. The lighter color will be used as highlighter, medium as base and dark as main shade. Pick either glittery or lusterless shades according to the look you are aiming to achieve.Prepare your lids with a primer or translucent powder prior to the application of eyeshadow. Then cover your full lid with medium gray shade and put on the darker color over the pleat of the eyelid extending it towards the outer edges. , bringing it further out to the outside edges. Highlight the brow area using lighter color. Give finishing touch to makeup with application of black liner and mascara.

You can also go for eyeshadow colors that match with your dress. Arrays of blue and brown shades and combo of two are best options when it comes to accentuate blue eyes. Those with green eyes can go for goldens, purples and glittery light brown shades. Hazel eyes look best with purple, black or silver, brown shades, pink and lighter neutral shades. Charcoals, mauve, black, gold, gray, taupe, green individually or the combo of these shades work best to bring out brown eyes.

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