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Eye Care Makeup

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Shapes can be: Deep Set, Wide Set, Close Set, , Hooded, Standard and Prominent. Each one takes a different eye shadow application. The makeup technique you use will mean eyes that turn heads, because they seem to ‘POP’ with color. Other eye looks will appear dull and detract from your otherwise beautiful face. Many women know their eye shape already. Do you know yours?

Hooded Eye is known for the upper flap of skin near the brow bone. That flap partially covers the eye ball itself, giving what some call ‘puppy-dog eyes.’ That sounds awful; but don’t worry. Some women are born with this tendency and others lose the muscle control as they age. Since they are thought to look sleepy, they are sometimes called Bedroom Eyes. That sounds a little better!

Recognize that your eye shadow technique will make a definite improvement. By following the make up tips for just the Hooded Eye, you’ll see a brightening of your face. It will open and appear more alert. Usually the beauty magazines will feature the Standard Eye only. Standard Eye makeup ideas won’t work for you.

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