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Today, everyone wants to stand out in the crowd and look trendy. This EL product would surely make your dream come true. The emergence of latest fashion trends has given birth to EL T-shirts. An EL T-shirt is an LED T-shirt specially designed to react to sounds. It uses electro-luminescence in order to display colored light images. There is an electronic panel in front of the t shirt, almost invisible, that relay different colorful images in response to the music or any other sound in the surroundings. These are mainly popular in Europe, America, Middle East and other major international markets.

The primary feature of an EL T shirt is that it uses a unique and innovative way to use electro-luminescence energy in order to produce digital images on a piece of fabric. Other important feature of these t-shirts could be that the Electro Luminescent panel is placed inside the t shirt in such a way that no one can notice that it is even there. You can adjust the flashing intensity using the sensitivity knob. Also, these t-shirts save energy and are environment friendly. These are specially equipped for not emitting any heat and thus are very comfortable to wear. They are an excellent item for gifting or personal use.

An EL T shirt is apt to be worn for a night party at a disco, pub or any informal gathering. Due to their extraordinary quality of displaying bright and colorful images responding rhythmically at the sound of music these t shirts are extremely popular amongst people of all age and sex. These t shirts start shinning the moment lights go off and this makes the young crowd to buy more and more of these funky t-shirts. The soft and stable lights do not create any tension or irritation in the eyes even if you look at it for a long time.

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