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Eid in pakistan With Mehndi Designs

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Eid is coming in pakistan and all the womens are busy in Mehndi Designs in Pakistan generally, known as mehndi henna. This is a plant whose leaves leave their mark on the skin – especially the palms and feet – a lot of women in the tattoo. Even if a tattoo is permanent, Henna effect lasts about three four weeks, the better. The color varies from dark red to dark brown, depending on how long the henna stays on the skin. Sometimes, the addition of olive oil and lemon to make a darker color, and use henna to Pakistan last longer.The there are very complex models that are painted on the hands and feet of women in Pakistan, henna.

Eid in pakistan With Mehndi Designs

This tattoo is a way of beautifying a woman for a special occasion, which is mostly his marriage. There is a particular phase of the ceremony, known as Mehndi, spread over two full days. One day is when the groom applies henna to the hands and feet – but it is more symbolic than the embellishment and the other day at the house of the bride when she applied not only to her but all his friends as well.The wife gets her hands and feet done with complex models – the hands are usually set to shoulder and foot to the calf muscles. It’s a fun time for all young unmarried friends of the bride.

Eid in pakistan With Mehndi Designs

The use of henna as a woman of beauty agent in Pakistan are generally very conservative when beautify themselves can be classified as vain and attract negative attention and even the punishment of religious leaders and male family members. Women should be subordinate to human society in Pakistan, according to the interpretation of Islam. Nevertheless, some freedoms have enabled women when they arrive in order to make it more presentable to their husbands – as a duty of a faithful wife.Henna be used as a natural agent embellishment.

Eid in pakistan With Mehndi Designs

One solution is to make exceptionally beautiful designs on hands and feet during festivals and other family celebrations, and another way is to apply to the hair. Henna is an excellent conditioner for hair growth and the natural bounce of the hair. For women who have premature white hair, gives it a great way to hide that henna is used regularly gives a dark red to the hair.

Eid in pakistan With Mehndi Designs

While some sites will tell you that African Mehndi uses black henna, you should know that there is no such thing as “black henna”. Genuine Henna is a reddish-brown color, or the so-called black henna orange.The is used in Africa is really Indigo, but here in the states, Henna “Black” has been less than honest with the addition of a black hair or black ink, and possibly other traditions “harmful” ingredients.Much and symbolism that surrounds Mehndi has unfortunately been lost for future generations.

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