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Eid Celebration 2012 With Mehndi Designs

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Eid is near to come and all the ladies are busy in shopping for celebration of Eid 2011 and Mehndi Designs are very important part in celebration of Eid. Mehndi or henna While it has been very popular in the States in recent years thanks to people like Madonna and Demi Moore, who started over 5000 years old in the first case cultures.The henna is used in Egypt, where the fingers and toes of the Pharaohs were stained just before being mummified. We know of Mehndi because the cultures and traditions of India and other Middle East saw cultures.You Mehndi, beautiful and complex designs on the hands, feet, neck or arm.

Eid Celebration 2012 With Mehndi Designs

Eid celebration is become compelete when mehndi designs are included in shopping. When the work went through, makes you stop and take a second look. But where does it come from and why people decorate their bodies with the heads that will simply disappear? To understand why, we must first know that Henna or Mehndi is a tall plant that looks like a shrub and grows in dry, hot climates like Sudan, North Africa, India, Pakistan and the Middle East East.To obtain dye, the leaves are taken and dried and powdered.

Eid Celebration 2012 With Mehndi Designs

Normally, this powder is turned into pulp and then applied to the skin. Initially, the color of the stain it leaves orange. But within 24 hours, the stain will turn a reddish brown.It was a long tradition of using Mehndi as a way of decorating the body. Indian, Buddhist and Hindu women would decorate the soles of their feet and the palms of their hands on a daily basis. We also know that widows would not wear Mehndi as a sign of mourning. Eid 2011 celebration have great fun and Mehndi is also a part of Eid days.

Eid Celebration 2012 With Mehndi Designs

All over the World womens use Mehndi Designs on Hands and on Legs as well for the sake of looking differnt in all aspects. There is a change in the art of Mehndi from one country to another. This variation depends on the culture, traditions and religious ceremonies. And it is these variations that helps us identify where it originated from.For design clarity, there are three main traditions that are recognized, not including the current popular use of temporary henna tattoos. The first of these three traditions is Arabic Mehndi, coming from the Middle East.

Eid Celebration 2012 With Mehndi Designs

These models are usually large floral motifs that are in the hands and feet.The second of these traditions comes from India, known as Mehndi Asia. This tradition uses more fine line and Lacey Paisley and floral designs. These models are used to cover the entire hands, feet, ankles and forearms.Finally, our third tradition is what is known as African Mehndi. This art of Mehndi is big and bold in design. Large angles of geometric figures are used. Before one day of Eid at Night time all the womens are busy on hands or feet to draw mehndi Designs.

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Eid in pakistan With Mehndi Designs
Celebration Of Eid With Mehndi Designs

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