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Effects of Sun on the Eyes

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Effects of Sun on the Eyes
It is at times like this that we are more likely to meet new facesand make new friends so watery, bloodshot eyes must be avoided if possible. UV Radiation from the sun can activate the onset of cataracts. It is a common misunderstanding that cataracts are solely age related. This is not so. Cataract can occur at any age. Sunlight reflected from the surface of water or other reflective medium can cause conjunctivitis and keratitis.

The principle symptoms of conjunctivitis, occasionally known as pinkeye, are an intense skin complaint and rough feeling in the eye with accompanying redness, watery release and runny nose. Keratitis is a term used to define a wide variety of painful corneal infections, irritations and inflammations and it is important to obtain medical diagnosis and treatment at the earliest chance as delay can lead to corneal scar which has vision implications.

Other causes of conjunctivitis and keratitis are lack of cleanliness. In hot summer weather bugs of all sorts multiply faster so keep clean and in particular wash hands frequently. Take these simple precautions seriously during the summer and you will limit the possibility of suffering from un

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