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Dry Skin Makeup

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Dry Skin Makeup; If you have dry flaky skin you will want to read what I have to say about the best facial cream for dry skin. For years I battled dry facial skin. I tried every moisturizer cream in the drug store. If the bottle said it was a face cream for dry skin I tried it.I don’t how much money I’ve spent nor how many creams and lotions failed me, but it was a bunch on both counts. As I got older I determined to eat right and drink plenty of water hoping to improve the dryness of my skin.

Dry Skin Makeup

All I wanted was to be able to wear makeup without it getting all crusty looking by the middle of the day. In the morning when I first put the make up on, it wasn’t real bad, but later in the day my face would show signs of dryness again. I looked good in the morning because the facial cream for dry skin I used under the makeup helped my skin to appear soft and smooth, but it just wouldn’t last. Who wants their makeup to only look good in the morning and by mid day look cruddy. I certainly don’t.

Dry Skin Makeup

A couple of years ago I found an all natural skin care company from New Zealand that reported their products could relive me of my dry flaky skin. They claimed their facial cream for dry skin would do wonders for my skin at the cellular level.This sounded good to me, so reading their money back guarantee I decided to get some and try it out. I figured if it didn’t work I’d just ask for my money back.

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