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A made to measure dress shirt is one that fits perfectly, not only in the standard areas but also in regards to bicep size, hip size, shoulder breadth and the other minutiae that separate a custom made dress shirt from the common off the rack variety.
With a standard dress shirt you purchase based on neck size and sleeve length. The difference with a made to order dress-shirt is far more is taken into account since a person is made of a lot more than a neck and arms. The result is a custom shirt that is precisely fitted to your body not just your neck and your arms and speaks of elegance.

The following are measurements you might provide to obtain the most perfect fit and to achieve the effect you want with your made to order dress-shirt. The standard neck measurements apply with even a made to order shirt and instructions for obtaining an accurate measurement are always available on online ordering sites Chest area measurements are important to obtain a dress shirt that fits only one person.

Waist measurements allow the shirt to taper to fit the body not hang or clinEven tucked in a well fitted shirt should not bag or be tight around the hips.This measurement ensures the made to order dress shirt is neither too long nor too short because every detail counts with a quality dress-shirt. Sometimes shoulder areas are hard to fit in off the rail dress shirts but a made to order dress-shirt is constructed to accommodate the shoulder width of the individual.


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