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Different Styles shalwar kameez Design

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Shalwar kameez is the traditional dress of Pakistani men and women and has its unique beauty and comfort. The very nature of comfort and elegance has made it popular in cities, villages among people of all ages, from children to the aged. Likewise, it is equally important for important occasions like weddings but can be used as a casual wear, too.It is a dress made of two parts, the lower portion is the loose pajama, resembling a trouser that is wide near the thighs and waist but tapering downwards. Kameez is the shirt and the seams are open below the waist line. This gives a simplicity and elegance to the wearer and men and women love to wear it.

Many different types of embroidery work can be done on the it to enhance its richness. When more and more designs are incorporated into it, they can be used to wear for weddings, parties and other functions. But for casual wear, a simple shalwar kameez is as good, offering the same style and beauty.

The clothes with which the it is made is also diverse ranging from silk, lawn to simple cotton. The colors of shalwar kameez can be red, green, black or blue but can be multi-colored, too. Threads, beads, and to add a rich look, even silver and gold threads are also employed in decorating this dress. The best part about shalwar kameez is that they can be customized to suit the budget of all classes of people- rich and poor, but still hold the fervor of the Pakistani tradition in them.

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