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Diamond Necklace

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Giada wears custom made layered diamond necklaces during her shows. These small- sized diamonds are not very expensive which makes them affordable to the average buyer. If you search the Internet, you will find that you can easily purchase a fake Giada necklace as the diamonds jewelry used to make it are not real. They go for as low as less than twenty dollars! You should therefore be careful not to lose your money on something that won’t last.

Diamond necklace

When you look at Giada wearing her necklace, you’ll be forgiven to think that the small diamonds are floating on her collarbone. These diamonds are cut into small pieces and bezel set so that one would easily notice the refined look and style. There are all sorts of imitations for the Giada Necklace and her fans would actually use pendants and bezels to have artistic effect of the necklace on their minds.

Diamond necklace

And what is the trick behind the elegance and beauty of Giada Necklace,You’d ask. This is brought about by wearing three necklaces that look great and everyone admires, Giada says. This effect is brought about by the bezel set solitaires and the set difference between each necklace. This gives the onlooker the impression that they are actually hanging in the air.

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