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While many may believe that Diamonds jewellry are indestructible and completely safe from harm, this is of course a myth. The age old saying is that only a diamond can cut another diamond, in reality many other factors can damage your diamond.Whilediamonds have far reaching applications what we’ll be looking at is how wearers ofdiamond jewellery can safeguard their purchases. First at some points of concern for a permanent wearer.For those who wear their diamond ring or other item 24 hours a day, it is important to keep them out of harm’s way. When doing rough work or cleaning it is recommended that you remove your diamond. There are several reasons for this. The first is that any rough blow can cause it to chip which could easily happen during repetitive motions. The second is that certain cleaning liquids can cause the diamond to become discoloured.

When storing your diamonds there are also aspects to keep in mind. Always store yourdiamond in a separate container. This avoids it rubbing against other pieces and scratching them while diamonds may scratch each other.When it comes to cleaning it is recommended to use a soft brush in combination with soap and water. If you don’t have a special brush a lipstick or eyebrow brush will do the job. What you need to do is create a warm mixture of a mild detergent and water and soak your diamond in it. Once you have done this use your soft brush to clean its surface, and once done swish it around in the solution. Finally wash the diamond in warm water and then dry it with a dirt free cloth.If you have a non fracture filled diamond then you can ammonia (which is far stronger) and water to clean the diamond. When cleaning jewellery with multiple gem stones you need to use a cleaning method that will protect the weakest stone in the jewellery.Regardless of how often you wear your diamond it is always recommended that you take your diamonds to your jeweller a least once a year to examine it for damages.

One common cause for damage is when the mounting or connections between thediamond and jewellery start to come loose, the diamond may eventually fall. Diamond jewellers will not only secure such fixtures but also give your diamond a cleaning that will restore its full sparkle.So remember to take care of your diamond jewelleryproperly and preserve its timeless and enduring beauty.Charuka is the owner of his own web design firm that is based in both Australia and Sri Lanka. He has extensive industry experience both in other firms and in running his own. Charuka also holds a Master of Computing from the University of Western Sydney and is a Bachelor of Information Technology from Charles Stuart University.


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