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Dessy Bridesmaid Dresses

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The Dessy Twist dress is one of the most versatile and fun pieces of clothing you can include to your wardrobe. It’s made of luxury jersey which is incredibly flattering and suits all body types. The dress comes in a handy, durable clear plastic bag, so I’ve literally chucked it in there after each renewal and pulled it out when I’ve needed it, no ironing required.

I’ve had the dress for a couple of months now, and worn it all over the world. Now, that I’ve got it sussed, here are my tips on getting the most out of the Dessy twist dress for a special occasion, a destination wedding or your bridesmaid’s dresses (don’t forget it comes in 12 colours).

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I’ve been wearing a pair of nude spanx underneath and a white bandeau bra where possible. Some of the styles might need a slightly different bra or foundation garment, but you feel a bit more secure with something underneath. I found this out by accident with a few wardrobe malfunctions, especially on cold days!

The dress is easy to throw on and it will look great, but it’s worth taking some time to tie it well, and to adjust the ruching so it looks good for photos. I don’t think I’ve exhausted the possibilities yet!

3. Tie it firmly!

As you wrap the dress around yourself, you can pull it quite firmly without worrying about overstretching the material. Get someone to help you at the back and then secure the ends firmly. I once tied it too loosely and it started unravelling, but haven’t had a problem since.

4. Have fun!

It’s an incredibly fun dress, so play around and see what original styles you can create for yourself. I’m thinking of visiting a craft shop to get some accessories, for example gold rope to make a Grecian inspired look, or brooches to decorate the front of the dress. The possibilities literally are endless!

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