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Deepika has to do My Film at Any Cost: Ramesh Taurani

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Deepika do my film ramesh because of her acting and appearance must support big business

Last week we have discussed why deepika was not a part of Race 2, but Race 2 producer Rameshji is in no mood to let Deepika walk out of the project. He wants her at any cost. Rameshji is in no mood to take this matter lightly. Being a senior fellow in Bollywood industry, he thinks the matter was not handled in a proper way. He was hurt with what happened. Let us have a look at the complete scenario what Rameshji had to say.

The shooting was to start in the month of November, 2011. However, there were rumors ( read news ) that Deepika is willing to work with Karan and she is in a mood to walk out of the project. After such rumors, Rameshji personally had a talk with Karan and Deepika and new days of shooting were planned so that it wont hamper Deepika anway. She had to give 10 days in November, 15 days in February and 45 days in May and June.

Deepika never changed her schedule. On the other hand, 5 other actors and Rameshji managed to make a plan where Deepika could work for both the films. Rameshji said, ” She never ‘adjusted her dates’ and neither was she asked to. In fact, we and five other actors agreed to push the film back so she could also do Karan’s film”. In reply to Deepika’s comment where she said that she wasted her four months working for Rameshji’s Race 2, Rameshji said she did not waste any time. Moreover she was busy shooting Desi Boys and Cocktail.

Deepika was to meet Rameshji on 27th of January, 2012. She instead of coming herself sent a message (via text) that her manager would be coming to meet Rameshji and find a way together. But it happened other way. Her manager, Mr. Anirban Blah met Rameshji and said that Deepika got ‘an opportunity of a lifetime’ from Hollywood and that’s why she can no longer work in Race 2.

In the mean time, she was in Mumbai ( January 27- 31) but she never answered his calls or replied to his messages. He said “In my 25 years in this industry, I have never been so disrespected by any actor and we have worked with the biggest and the best.”

On 31st January at around 10 am, he was able to communicate with Deepika after a long time where Deepika texted that she is on a flight leaving for United States.  After her return, Rameshji wanted to meet her on the sets of ‘Cocktail’ on February 7. She agreed to meet on 10th of February, but it was too late for Rameshji. He, with Abbasji and Mastanji went to Deepika and explained her total scenario. Unfortunately she did not even felt sorry for the inconvenience caused to Rameshji, other actors and the senior directors. Rameshji had no other choice  and he filed a complaint against her in the AMPTPP and CINTAA.

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