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Dark Skin Makeup Tips

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Many people still feel and believe that makeup looks good only on fair skin. Surprisingly, makeup can look just as flattering on dark skin. The key is to know what particular makeup to use. Irrespective of any skin tone it is always advised to highlight the inner glow of the skin and keep the makeup less.

Cleanse tone, moisturizes and scrubs your skin, then apply the concealer, foundation, and the powder to create a smooth base. Avoid cosmetics that are honey-based as it could make dark skin look yellow, extremely unwell and unpleasant.

1.Foundation/concealing dark skin:

For dark skin, the foundation to be used must be waterbased. Dark skin is always to look oily, and using cream foundation will worsen the skin even more. Foundation makeup includes concealer, foundation, and powder.

2. Eye Makeup for dark skin:

While applying eye makeup, go for dark colors like browns, prunes, copper and burgundy. Dark metallic colors can also be used. A dust of translucent powder over eye shadows is more than enough for a smooth glow for an evening party. It is better not to use eyeliner for dark complexion as it may spoil the look of eyes if not applied properly. Only natural and clear color mascara is good for dark complexion skin.

3. Blush for dark skin:

Choose rose, deep orange and coral shade blushes for dark tone skin and avoid brown and peach shades. For a very dark skin tone, one can choose dark rose for the day and plums, wine and bronze shades for evening. For night, shimmers with gold tone blends well with dark complexion skin.

4. Lip color for dark skin:

Avoid frost finish lipsticks and choose matte finish ones. Choose shades like browns, burgundy, berry shades, plums, beige, soft pink and gold. There are many lip colors like chocolate and coffee colors that look great on dark skin tone.

Never apply a shades like orange on dark toned lips, prepare a base by a lip balancer. See to it that your lip color is matching with your eye makeup. Do not make the mistake of incompatible your eye color with lipstick.

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