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Cuff Shirts

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If you are fond of wearing cuff links, you must have some wearing cuff links, to use them with. French cuff shirts are actually dress shirts with French cuffs or double cuffs that can be folded back and then fastened with cuff links.
These shirts come in different colors, and you can find many designs and styles of cuff links to go along with each shirt.

Caring for your dress shirt is essential in order to lengthen its life. When you have to machine wash your shirt, choose the gentle cycle mode and use lukewarm water to help preserve the fabric. Do not wash all your cuff shirts together. Separate the white shirts from the colored ones to keep the colors from bleeding into your white shirts.

You should also never dry-clean your dress shirt – this also helps to preserve the fabric. As you must know the process of dry cleaning involves using chemicals or harsh ingredients that can damage your good clothes. Do not wear your shirt immediately after putting your deodorant on as this can cause bad staining. Instead, wait for a few minutes until your deodorant dries up before putting your shirt on.

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