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Crystal Anklets

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Ankle bracelets or Anklets have a rich history that goes back centuries and they continue to be fashionable today. There is something very appealing about  of precious metal with a glimmer of beads or crystals around the ankle. It catches the eye, and the imagination.

Many women love to wear anklets, or think they might like to try one, but are not always sure which style or size would work best for them. Most likely you have seen a beautiful custom beaded anklet on a web site but hesitated to order it as you were not sure if the ankle bracelet would fit properly. There is no need to let uncertainly prevent you from selecting and ordering that ankle bracelet you have your eye on.

Determining your style and size are easy by keeping a few simple things in mind. First, start by determining how you want to wear the ankle bracelet. Do you want it to sit above or below your ankle bone, would you like it to fit snuggly or loosely? Keep in mind that your preference may vary with the style of the anklet you are considering as well as the style of footwear you plan to wear. Does the beaded anklet have a bead or crystal at the end of the chain that will hang down? If you are planning to wear this type of beaded ankle bracelet with shoes you will most likely want to wear it above your ankle bone or the dangling bead or crystal may slip inside the shoe where it will be uncomfortable.

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