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Colored Flower Tattoos

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Flower tattoo designsare one of the most populartattoo designsfor women. With more and more women getting tattoos these days, floral tattoos have become very prominent. Women find colorful floraltattoo designsextremely attractive and it enhances their natural beauty. Also flowers can be drawn and colored in so many different ways that it is easier for an artist to make unique designs rather than reuse few cookie cuttertattoos.Flowers represent the best of nature. There is abundant variety of floral life throughout the world andtattooart can be used to represent them in the best possible way to brighten up the skin. So if you are fascinated by nature and its colors these may be the best designs for you. But the floral tattoos are extremely feminine. Men don’t usually get floral tattoos, and even if they do generally it is of the tribal flower kind.

Colored Flower Tattoos

Colored Flower TattoosThe most floral tattoos in the west are of course roses. But there is so much variety in rose in regard to the way it is designed and colored. Red roses are symbolic of love and romance. So they top in popularity among roses. White roses represent purity of heart and innocence, it can also represent virginity. Other lesser popular colors for roses are yellow, pink and even black, but remember black roses mean death.

Colored Flower Tattoos

Even more popular than rose tattoos are lotus tattoos in the east. Lotus has always been very popular in the east as a sign of spirituality. In Indian and Chinese culture, several of the Gods are depicted onLotus flowers. Even Buddha is dedicated to have emerged from the lotus bud. Lotus flowers also have a very feminine beauty and can look really good on the curvy women body.Several other parts of the world have their own popular floral tattoos for example hibiscus is really popular in Hawaii. All Hawaiian garlands are made from hibiscus flowers. Hawaiian women general even adorn these flowers in their hair. Japanese and Chinese have their own floral designs as well.

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