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Chris Brown Tattoos

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Chris Brown is an ardent tattoo aficionado. He carries on of the oldest and one of the best tattoos of Hollywood. The hunk who is known for dating the hottest women of Hollywood also has a liking to tattoos. The ex-boyfriend of the sensational Rihanna ( who is another tattoo aficionado) has got tattoos when he was very young. He once told Giant magazine that he got his first tattoo done when he was 13 years old.

Tattoos of Chris Brown
Starting from the tattoo he got on his 13th birthday(which his mom didn’t quite appreciate) to the latest of his tattoos we

Chris Brown Hand Tattoo

have it all. So let us “Run it”,

Jesus tattooChris’s first tattoo which is of Jesus having music notes on him. Chris states that he got this tattoo done to thank Jesus for giving him the talent to sing. This is the same tattoo which he got on his 13th birthday. It is a fairly big tattoo for a 13 year old to get, but if you are Chris Brown, nothing can go wrong.

Chris Brown Demon Tattoo

Hand holding C: This is tattooed on his left hand. After the Jesus tattoo he got the very next year ho got this tattoo done which was designed by himself. He has got a talent not only in singing alone but also in designing and this tattoo proves it. The hand is holding a letter C. He describes this tattoo as he holding his name( C stands for Chris), his own destiny.

Right Arm tattoos:  He has got lot of graffiti tattoos on both his hands. Right below his Jesus tattoo, there are two ninjas with swords. There is also a phrase “Darkness to Light” written in between both the ninjas.

Left Arm Tattoo: There are two ups and two downs tattooed under the hand holding C tattoo. Also there is also a head tattoo which is not quite clear what it signifies. As Chris brown is very inclined towards graffiti, this is considered to be another of his graffiti art.

Hand Tattoo: Chris has got a skull tattoo done on both his hand under the little finger and ring finger. The tattoos are placed in the same location on both the hands. The tattoo has a skull and a halo on top of it. The meaning behind the tattoo is, when we die everything of our is deteriorates except for our memories and that is our bones. Chris didn’t want it to look evil so he added a halo on top of it.

Chris & Rihana Neck Tattoo

Star Tattoo: When he was dating Rihanna, both of them decided to get the star tattoo. Rihanna got it on her neck and so did Chris. Chris star tattoo is slightly behind the ear. Though later Rihanna’s star tattoos went all the way down to her back, Chris star tattoos stayed where they are.

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