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Chinese Symbol Tattoos

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chineseMany Type of Chinese Tattoos See this one Chinese Symbol Tattoos

But this does not come as a blow, consider that the Chinese symbols and tattoo designs are some of the most striking and exotic ones you’ll ever come across. All thanks to pop culture and of course the movies, most people in the West have now started getting Chinese tattoos done, even though they don’t really understand them. So what makes Chinese symbol tattoos so alluring? Well, for starters Chinese symbol tattoos make an awfully alien form of clarity.

Chinese Symbol Tattoos

But further this, there are many different reasons, some gender-specific, for the esteem of these designs. The women say that they are attracted to these Chinese symbols because of their subtle meanings and themes that they express like love, hope and freedom. On the other hand, men are drawn to these tattoo designs because they are strongly allied with movies related to the martial arts.

So, if you are planning on getting a tattoo and are really drawn to the Chinese designs, then here is a beginners guide to Chinese symbol tattoos!

Chinese Symbol Tattoos

A beginners Guide to Chinese Symbol Tattoos
The apply of Chinese tattoos all started more than 4000 years ago. Chinese writing relies heavily on a large number of symbols instead of alphabets and these symbols embody many spoken concepts or ideas. So, each Chinese symbol that you know of today, represents a different spoken idea or word.

In 1710 AD, the Kangxi dictionary was created upon imperial decree and contained in it nearly 50,000 different symbols. Since then, this number has grown to almost 75,000 symbols and is still upward numbers till date.

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