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Cherub Tattoos

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Cherubs are usually depicted as chubby-facedchildren with wings. In Christianity, they are angels of the eight highest orders in the hierarchy of angels. They are thought to be the messenger of God, defining the link between heaven and humanity. For those who have cherub tattoo designs, the image is a representation of their spirituality and affinity for their beliefs. For others, the cherub is a symbol of someone they love dearly, perhaps a child especially since cherubs are mostly depicted as children.

Cupids are also cherubs and they are the ones which are popularly connected with love and romance while some are thought to provide guidance and protection. The very fact that they are angels gives the wearer a sense of being watched over by their very own spiritual being. However, not all of the cherubs are regarded as sweet creatures. In fact, Ezekiel, a biblical prophet have once portrayed that the character has four faces namely a lion, an ox, an eagle and a man.

Cherub tattoo designs can be scaled according to a person’s preferences. Hence, it is quite possible to place the pattern onto any body part including the wrist, ankle, lower back or shoulders. Because of their classic allure, the pattern is popular not only with females but also with males.

Customization of the pattern is also not a problem. Tattoo enthusiasts may add other symbols to go with the basic cherub pattern. A flower, a rainbow or an arrow – the important thing is that it holds special meaning to the person wearing it. For some, they may choose to place names or even dates next to the original design. Like other tattoos, a cherub pattern allows the wearer a chance to portray his or her own personality through the art. Even better, many tattoo artists are now capable of creating the illusion of movement in tattoos. With the right combination of colors and shades, you could depict a cherub tattoo as being in flight or at rest.

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