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challenge Facebook Google unveils social network

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Internet search engine Google for what they call it? Introduced social networks’ share of real life. “ Previously available only by invitation, Google said in its social network to connect with others will meet the most basic human needs.

Home networking in order to take advantage of flaws, Google said, “Today, relations between people are increasingly online world, but the real substance of the talks closely and lost in the rigidness of our online tools are fundamental in this way, online co-odd break and we aim to fix it.”

Google said, “We share the software with the nuance of real life and we want to bring prosperity to Google, your relationships, and improved by including your interests, so I want Google + project begins.”


Add this to share with friends and ‘circles’ interface will provide networking options, group video chats and’ Hangouts’ interface with the people who matter most cases, ‘.

“Google is Google’s first test? Overcome its past and the Buzz Orkut social networking as a flop, and most pressing challenges facing a company can deal with,”New York Times said.

“The most popular entry point to the Web as Google’s position is at stake. When people in Facebook, which is mostly off limits to search engine posting, Google’s valuable information that the web search advertising, and other products that could benefit is lost.”

But Google? May already be too late, the newspaper said.

He said that 180 million people in May, YouTube, Facebook vs. Google Sites with 157.2 million, visits, comScore as the pages of Facebook users viewed the 103 billion and 375 minutes on average on this web site spending, while 46.3 billion page views to Google users. Spent 231 minutes.

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